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Watchux Shirts is Leading Manufacturer in India


With state of the art manufacturing facilities situated in Ludhaina , a prominent trade center in state of Punjab, Himanshu Textiles proves to be one of the most strategically situated textile-manufacturing unit in India, which provide their clients with strategic benefits of connectivity as well as cost effectiveness in terms of logistics and supply chain management.


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We’re proud to develop enduring supplier relationships that keep quality high and prices keen. We’ll never cut corners: instead, we’ll take the extra steps that keep our customers happy, time after time.

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HIMANSHU TEXTILES is a young and dynamic company that was established in 2010, as a company we are dedicated to manufacturing and producing our brand Watchux shirts with high quality textile goods like popline check, oxford lining , oxford check etc for exporting as well as for our corporate customers and is providing all the necessary services in order to achieve perfection in every aspect of the product in order to satisfy prestigious Designs of the fashion industry.
Our manufacturing facility is located in Ludhiana, Punjab state – a strategic location at the heart of the textile industry pole which offers a comprehensive supply chain to accommodate the most demanding requests.

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